MP3 Connect to the Luminous Light of Consciousness by Tony Samara

MP3 Connect to the Luminous Light of Consciousness


Tony Samara's 45 minute long meditation energy transmission can be listened to during intense periods of life, perhaps if you are experiencing insomnia, you are woken up in the middle of the night, or the mind is just running wild. By taking a few minutes away from everything, (the complex situations, emotional or physical suffering, panic attacks or mental turmoil) sitting still, or lying down, and listening to this meditation allows us to learn the skills of breathing similar to that experienced during healing sleep, and is paramount for bringing nurturing peace to mind and body alike. Alongside the traditional breathing technique offered, this energy transmission leads one to experience the simplicity of connecting to vital life forces, within and beyond.

Tony Samara, a world-renowned spiritual teacher & author, has been sharing deep spiritual work & energy transmission for the evolution of consciousness for over 30 years. Combining meditation, detoxing the body, a plant-based diet & a simple lifestyle, he is best known for how his work touches more deeply than words.

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